We adapt our solutions to your needs

Our services are based on detailed and continuous electrical analysis, done through our cloud platform, specially designed to facilitate electrical behavior analysis.

We can obtain data from existing electrical sensors, facilitate access to specific electrical sensors for an agreed period o deliver specific sensors to remain installed definitely.

Esquema de funcionamiento de la plataforma de análisis eléctrico de SIGMA INDUSTRIAL PRECISION

Integration with existing sensors

Our solution can integrate electrical sensors from companies like CIRCUTOR, JANITZA, SIEMENS os SCHNEIDER, among others.

La profundidad del análisis y servicios dependerá de la capacidad de registro de información de estos sensores. A más información recojida por el sensor, mejores resultados.

We can inform you about a suitable compatible sensor for the application if there are no existing sensors. As standard, we work with sensors that collect 6400 electrical voltage and current samples per second. That allows us to perform a deep analysis of electrical behavior.

Sensors certified by SIG-IP

Advanced electrical protections

Through the SIG-IP platform it is possible to integrate advanced electrical measurement and protection devices, adapting their setup to perform protections depending on the sys behavior, and also registering potential malicious events to help in the identification of failure root causes.