Electrical Analysis and Diagnostic for Electrical Machines

Nearly 100% of human activity is supported by machines, the major part of them electrical. From transportation systems, infrastructures, and services, electricity sources energy for the machines that support our society. Those machines require maintenance to ensure their correct operation at all times.

This maintenance requires resources and time investment, maintenance that all organizations must consider essential. Unfortunately, the world is getting more competitive and demanding, generally conveying a reduction in the maintenance budget. New solutions and technologies are required to perform smarter maintenance in a more easy and economical way.

SIG-IP service portfolio allows simplified maintenance operations, based on valuable electrical information about the machine's operation and health.


1. Sof-starter failure in a water pump

The machines that control water pumps like frequency drivers or soft-starters control the operation and speed of the pump. In our example, the soft-starter was controlling a 50KW water pump.

Thanks to a continuous surveillance service, it was identified an abnormal behavior during the starting operation. This behavior has been identified as a premature symptom for a soft-starter future failure.

Thanks to this diagnostic, the maintenance manager changed the controller in time enough to avoid a non-planned stop.

2. Animal food pellet machine locked

A new pellet machine was installed in Querétaro (México) and integrated into the SIG-IP cloud platform for behavior and performance analysis.

The analysis was focused on the identification of potential problems and performance inefficiencies.

All of that with a price-competitive and easy-to-install solution. A solution that avoided the installation of temperature or vibration sensors on the machine, located in a dirt and difficult to access emplacement.

During the surveillance process, it was identified a machine's electrical disconnection was due to an important overcurrent event, an event that stopped a major part of the process plant.

La máquina se reconectó sin avisar del problema ni identificar el motivo de la parada al responsable de proceso, pero gracias a la información recogida por el sistema, el proceso fue corregido para evitar repetir el problema en el futuro.

3. Framework plates cleaning machine bad configuration

A German company with automatic machines for cleaning construction formwork plates. Without visibility of the operation and its performance, because the machines were not connected to any surveillance or control system.

With recurrent failures in the cleaning brushes.

Suffering frequent stops that were provoking a reduction in performance and an increment in operation costs.

With the integration of electric sensors in different areas of the machine, the customer gained operative visibility through minimum investment.

There were identified brush motors overloads, due to a bad machine setup. Those overloads were generating failures in the motors and machine breakdown.

With the new information, the machine operators were trained to correct their operation on the machine, the process results improved drastically.