Electrical Diagnosis Bring Value

Like the blood of living beings, electricity is the element that sources any electrical system. A blood analysis brings a high level of information about an organism, electrical analysis can bring us precise information about machines and infrastructures. Extracting value from this is key to having a solution to collect such information and the expertise to interpret it.

A continuous and automated analysis of an electrical system help us to:

  • Learn how machines and infrastructures behave, creating models for its monitoring and comparing similar systems.
  • Identify each machine and system component health, establishing efficient and sustainable maintenance strategies.
  • Prevent and predict system possible failures, increasing the availability of the system, and reducing the chances of unexpected stops or critical failures.
  • Know the energy system efficiency, comparing it with similar systems, identifying inefficiencies, and launching changes to obtain more resilient, efficient, and sustainable systems.
Among other applications and advantages.