Smart Electrical Analysis

At SIG-IP we are Experts in Automated Smart Electrical Analysis de la Electricidad.
We take care that organizations work continuously, efficiently, and safely, reducing energy, operative, and maintenance costs.

We survey machine and infrastructure electricity continuously to identify, make diagnoses, prevent and predict problemsprotecting people and equipment to ensure efficient operations.

Trough the implementation of disruptive technologies through the delivery of a complete solution, we offer advanced electrical analysis services, integrating high tech electrical sensors + IoT Edge Computing modules + cloud platform + analysis .
Funded by experienced and skilled entrepreneurs, the company combines Scientific, Industrial, and Commercial experience, to offer a solution that delivers value to public organizations, corporations, and SMEs.
Nowadays the company works with European clients, in the public sector, mining, water treatment and distribution, and railway.

We analyse electrical infrastructures and electrical machines

Energy Generation and Distribution

Railway Infrastructures

Water Treatment and Distribution

Mining and Raw Materials Processing

We offer services from basic electrical monitoring up to predictive analytics






The Diagnosis service is based on the temporary installation of high-end electrical sensors, connected to SIG-IP cloud platform. The collected data is analyzed for our expert team, during an established period of time, to diagnose problems in electrical machines and infrastructures. Then, prepare a technical report with advice and proposed improvements.

The Information service is ideal for expert electrical maintenance teams. The electrical sensors are connected to SIG-IP cloud platform, bringing valuable data to your maintenance team, and allowing them to follow up and evaluate the electrical behavior and efficiency of your infrastructure.

The Warning serviceis ideal for companies and individuals that want to perform electrical continuous monitoring of their assets. It adds electrical alerts and alarms against relevant events, power quality problems, or energy inefficiencies.

The electrical sensors integrated into the platform, give access to these proactive alarms and alerts.

Based on the Warning service. The Productivity service add the support of SIG-IP experts for the analysis of the collected electrical information stored in the platform.

This service includes recurrent reports about the electrical performance and behavior of the assets under analysis, plus studies about the interaction between the different electrical components of the network.

The Productivity service also allows the integration of SIG-IP platform with third-party systems, allowing the interaction with SCADA, ERP, MES, and other applications.

Based on the Productivity service. The Optimization service adds the implementation of more deep analysis to support behavior optimization for machines and electrical infrastructures.

It includes predictive and prognostic analysis, to obtain the maximum value from the collected electrical data stored in SIG-IP cloud platform.